Nos tarifs

The price of a Bengal cat from a serious breeding
and of correct lines is consequent although very variable.

The price varies from 500 EUR for a marble sheeted intended for the company or up to 2500 EUR for a prize-winning Bengal intended for breeding and/or shows, see more. Everything depends on the quality of the coat and the kitten.

We take the coat pattern, coat colour, morphological qualities, pedigree prestige, genetics and the buyer’s specific requests into consideration. Each cat is unique and assessed individually.

Two price ranges, two policies

The quality policy

Investment, this starts with consistent efforts to gather information, knowledge and know as much as possible about the race, the standard, the genetics, the illnesses, the breeding techniques and the selection strategy. You cannot just match up a male and a female cat with the same qualities and get beautiful kittens.

All of this is done from an intellectual perspective, it requires some theoretical training, practice, acquired by their own means or through lucrative information.

Then, you need to do some research on the various breeders, what they propose, study the pedigrees and make a choice. You cannot just do this all in one day. Invest, once the theory side of it all is done, all you need to do is buy…

Generally, the cats intended for reproduction from serious breeding facilities, that are competent and prestigious, or exported from the USA, are very expensive, they cost more than 2000 EUR. Which amounts to around 5000 EUR for the couple with all the tests and first aid care included. In addition, once you are an approved breeding establishment like we are, we cannot sell cats “under the counter”, everything is declared so part of it goes to taxes every year.

There are also contracts with the vets, impromptu visits from FASFC and the administrative authorities… The procurement of a cattery and the subscription to a feline club, the pedigree costs for each kitten…

Does it all make more sense now? Of course, not all expensive kittens are quality, however all quality kittens are sold at a high price… That’s for sure. Beware of bargains, you always get what you pay for. Think about it and do your research…

The cheap market policy

  • Is all about selling a lot, cheaper and quickly.
  • Investing as little as possible. Do you really think that a prize-winning kitten that is sold for 800 EUR comes from quality parents?
  • From a renowned lineage and breeding establishment (i.e. expensive)?
  • Do you think that all the sanitary and genetic tests, which are all very expensive, were carried out?
  • Do you think that these kittens are sold with a sales contract and collateral agreement which compels the breeder to replace or refund the kitten if there are any issues?
  • .. But we’ve been running for a few years now and we highly doubt it.