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Our breeding: passion and professionalism

If there are today many breeds of cats, it is thanks to breeders like us who, with professionalism and passion are at the service of the cat and its breeding. Our role is essential because, not content with selecting our breeders to keep cats as close as possible to the characteristics requested for each breed, we take care of the vitality and the socialization of our Bengal kittens.

Breeding cats cannot be improvised. Even if most breeders started out with a crush on a female that they later decided to reproduce, their activity requires great know-how and a lot of passion.

They must indeed know as well the characteristics of the breed they have decided to breed, be able to watch for hours a cat that will give birth to her cubs then to bring, in collaboration with the veterinarian, all the care necessary for kittens.

They obviously need to know the feline ethology to ensure perfect harmony within their community of small felines, as well as have a good dose of psychology when it comes to guiding a buyer to the kitten that suits him best.

It is clear that to succeed in this fascinating enterprise, the breeder must not be eager for profit and that living from feline breeding is almost impossible. This is why the vast majority of feline breeders practice their art as a second activity, a hobby.

This does not prevent them from being considered in the eyes of the law as full-fledged professionals.


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