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All our kittens are sold when they are 12 months old and onwards.

This is because the kitten needs to be with and interact with their sisters and brothers as well as their mother for 12 weeks in order to become fully socialised. The mother’s role is hugely important when it comes to the self-monitoring of future kittens further down the line.

  • An early separation could lead to behavioural issues.
  • They are vaccinated (primo and secondary vaccination) against coryza, leukosis, typhus and rabies if being exported.
  • They are also dewormed multiple times over the course of three months.
  • The latter is not legally obliged, but any self-respecting breeder should do this.
  • They will also have their European passport, health card and a pedigree that certifies their genealogy.
  • They are identified by an electronic chip.
  • The parents are tested for genetic or viral diseases: hcm, pkd, fiv, felv yearly.
  • Tested for PK-Def and the test results are visible for all people looking to purchase a kitten. If you want to get any other tests done (genetic, DNA…) it is possible but at your own expense.
  • The kittens are around children and other animals during their socialisation period and are used to common household sounds (hoover, children playing, dogs barking…)
  • The kittens all leave with a collateral arrangement for the most common kinds of diseases.

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Terms and conditions for reservations

  • A kitten can be reserved with a reservation contract and an initial deposit of 500 EUR.
  • This amount is non-refundable in the case of a withdrawal for whatever reason.
  • The remaining amount payable is settled upon acquiring the kitten.
  • The kitten remains the seller’s property until the total amount has been paid.
  • Staggered payments are an option but mention it in advance so that the payment is settled by the time the kittens are 3 months old.